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If you're getting married, know someone who's getting married, or you just want to own the best diamond fashion accessories, you're in the right place. Hearts and Diamonds offers the best diamond engagement rings, diamond pendants, diamond wedding bands, bracelets, earrings and wedding rings on Los Angeles, CA.
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Wearing a diamond will make your personality to sparkle distinctly. Timeless and eternal diamond jewelry is the most-priced possession one can ever had in his/her life. Diamond jewelry is considered as the best gift for all times to be worn on special events and occasions of your life.

Our Diamonds Collection

At Hearts and Diamonds, we have wide ranging collections of diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, gold jewelries and accessories, antique jewelries and a lot more.

Our Services

When leading a busy life, it can be difficult to provide you jewelry the right attention it needs. Even when you are very careful, over time, even the fine jewelries need some sort of services in order to keep them maintained and looking new. That is where you jewelry services will come in handy. We employ a team of experts to help you with any kinds of jewelry service. So, if you need a professional jewelry service for your diamonds rings and accessories, Hearts an Diamonds will be your best place to go.

Why Choose Us?

Shopping for diamond engagement rings can possibly become an overwhelming experience. At Hearts and Diamonds, we want to help you understand and guide you in order to make the one of the best purchasing decision you'll ever make in your life. We have the biggest number of certified bench jewelers and GIA Graduate Gemologist in Southeast. Our entire sales professionals continuously receive education that's why we can safely say that we have the most knowledgeable staffs in the country. And because we want you to make a satisfied purchase, we will pass that knowledge on to you. Purchasing a diamond at Hearts and Diamonds is a saving forever and it is great to buy with less efforts involved. It is no good to visit an overpriced jewelry shop, wasting your entire day just to but a single item. The best way is to order your valuable piece from the limitless jewelry selection offered by Hearts and Diamonds. With us, you can enjoy your moments by investing more of your time with your loved ones and less time in shopping.
About Hearts
Shopping for an engagement ring can be overwhelming. Hearts and Arrows wants to educate you to help guide you to make the best decision for such an important purchase. We have the largest number of GIA Graduate Gemologists and certified bench jewelers in the Southeast. All of our sales professionals receive continuing education so that we are the most knowledgeable staff! And we pass that knowledge on to you!


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Hearts and Diamonds has several finance options to make your Shopping Experience with us simple and easy.
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